Specialists in UHT Liquid Cheese and a variety of Dairy and Tomato Based Sauces Contract Packing and Recipe Development.

Mexican Express Pty. Ltd.
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News and Announcements

2012 SARDI Innovation Award Winner

Mexican Express announced Winner of the 2012 SARDI Innovation Award at the South Australia Food Industry Awards.

Mexican Express Dairy Based Products can be packed in either industrial packs, food service packs or retail packs with options of Aseptic or Non Aseptic. Please refer to our Packaging section for complete information.

Dairy Based Products Liquid Cheese Nachos Cheese Pasta Sauces
Other Dairy Based Products Liquid Butter Sour Cream Creme Brulee
Non Dairy Based Products Salsa Pasta Sauces Marinades Toppings and Sauces
Custom Products

With the flexible manufacturing style Mexican Express has adopted, we are capable of producing most liquid products, and here are examples of other dairy based sauces we cater.

  • Liquid butter and butter based products
  • Sour cream and sour cream based products
  • Crème Brulee
  • Egg Substituted Desserts
  • Flavoured Cream Cheese Fillings